Things coming this week!

Hey guys! I’m back! And it’s time to tell you things coming up in the blog this week! But first let me tell you a few things!

I finally have a job! I am an employee at Sam’s Club! I will be making way more then I was at Harps and I get some Holidays off! My sister recently had her doctors appointment with her baby doctor and she is 10 weeks pregnant!

My niece or nephew will be here around or on June 10th! I am so excited to become an aunt! Okay now it’s time to tell you what I will be blogging about this week!

  • Monday-My thoughts on this weeks episode of Riverdale! Yes I know I am behind but that’s because I don’t have cable and I watch it online! Oh and there will be spoilers!
  • Tuesday-Reaction to Gabbie Hanna’s, a.k.a: TheGabbieShow, new song when it comes out that day! I am so excited to hear it!
  • Wednesday-My birthday!!!! I will be blogging the stuff I got and what I did!
  • Thursday-Thanksgiving! I will not be posting on this day. I will say Happy Thanksgiving but that’s about it. It’s all about family!
  • Friday-What happened on Thanksgiving! I will post pictures and give you guys some insight about what went down!
  • Saturday-My usual not posting day. But if something comes up maybe I will because I am skipping Thursday!

Okay guys that’s it! Look forward to what my week has in store! I hope you guys have a great week and a good Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it!). Love you guys and remember spread happiness!

Stay Humble




Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted! Been in the middle of job hunting so I’ve been kind of distracted! Don’t worry I’m going to try to be more consistent! 

As always; have a great day and spread happiness! 

                                           Stay Humble


Book Review: ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas



The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (Sorry about the Riverdale pin, just ignore it)

“When I was twelve, my parents had two talks with me.

       One was the usual birds and bees. Well, I didn’t really get the usual version. My mom, Lisa, is a registered nurse, and she told me what went where, and what didn’t need to go here, there, or any damn where, till I’m grown. Back then, I doubted anything was going anywhere anyway. While all the other girls sprouted breasts between sixth and seventh grade, my chest was as flat as my back.

                                              The other talk was about what to do if a cop stopped me.

Momma fussed and told Daddy I was too young for that.

He argued that I wasn’t too young to get arrested or shot.

          “Starr-Starr, you do whatever they tell you to do,” he said. “Keep your hands visible. Don’t make any sudden moves. Only speak when they speak to you.” 

I hope somebody had the same talk with Khalil. 

‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas -Chp. 2 Pg. 20-21

This book guys….this book….is so good! I really don’t know what I have to say. It deals with such real issues that we have in our country (U.S.A) today. It really hits home. It deals with situations that black people have to go through. And, just like Christian Science Monitor says about this book, “If  The Hate U Give makes you uncomfortable, that’s because it should. Especially if you’re white and have read this book.

I am a white person and reading this book has really opened my eyes to what black people really have to go through. Of course I will never fully understand, but It really did open my eyes. This book deals with police brutality and riots and protests.

This book is about a sixteen year old girl named Starr Carter. She lives in a poor black neighborhood and goes to a suburban prep school. One night she is at a party, that she didn’t want to go to, and is just there with her friends. Then she sees a friend she hasn’t seen in a while named Khalil.

Suddenly the party ends because shots ring out and Khalil and Starr run to his car and drive off. Starr starts asking Khalil questions, and he doesn’t want to answer them. Then they get pulled over. The cop does the usual and Khalil is being a little smart but then the cop tells him to get out of the car for no reason. Things get out of control and the cop shoots Khalil. (No I’m not giving spoilers because you know what happens when you open the dust cover flap.)

This is the second time Starr has seen a friend murdered in front of her eyes. You’ll just have to read the book to see what happens then. Now this book just isn’t all tears and shock and anger, it has it’s funny moments and good moments. This book is powerful, heart-breaking, and just….amazing.

I like this book because it does bring to light the racism that is in this country today. How there is police brutality, white privilege, and many other bad things in this world. I hope you guys enjoy this book as much as I did.

If you want to get this book it is on sale in stores everywhere. I want to know in the comments: Have you read this book? What was your favorite part about it? How did it make you feel?

As always guys, have a good day and spread happiness!

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Hello November!

Hey guys! It’s the start of a new month! My favorite month! November! Which means Thanksgiving, more fall, and……MY BIRTHDAY! 😀 My birthday is on the 22nd of this month and I will be 26 years old!

I am so excited! I can’t wait to see where this month takes me!

Tell me in the comments: What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Do you have a birthday this month too?

As always; Have a great day and spread happiness! ❤

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Happy Halloween!!!!!

Hey guys! Just wising everyone a Happy Halloween! I hope you guys are going to be spooky and have lots of fun!

Please remember that if you’re going out, stay safe and take a cab, uber, or lyft. Or just get a designated driver that you know won’t drink. Even one drink can get you in trouble!

And kids and parents stay safe and warm out there! (If you live somewhere that is cold right now!) and most importantly guys; just have fun!

Let me know in the comments what you guys are being for Halloween! I want to hear your scary stories as well! Maybe I’ll scare my roommates with them! 😉

Alright guys have fun and be safe! ❤

As always, have a great day and spread happiness!

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#PrayForNewYork 😥

‘Out Loud’ music video by Gabbie Hanna review.

Hey guys! As you can see by the title I will be telling my thoughts on Gabbie Hanna’s a.k.a TheGabbieShow’s new music video for her song, ‘Out Loud’. I love the song and if you haven’t heard it I will put a link to her lyric video and music video! Okay here we go!

Now when she first came out with the song I bought it right away! I listened to it and….it was amazing! I was kind of shocked to be honest because not a lot of Youtubers have great music, but her song is amazing!

I love the lyrics and her voice is just wow! She then released her lyric video for it and it’s awesome too! She looks so good in it and the production value is superb! She recently just released her music video and WOW!

When I was watching it, it was like watching a music video from a celebrity! No, I’m not throwing shade, but I could tell she worked hard on this music video! The production value, how she looked in it and the scenes! It’s just amazing! Oh and the twist ending! You’ll just have to watch to see it!

I am so proud with how far Gabbie has come and how confident she has been! I can tell she is getting happier and that makes me happy!

If you would like to check out her music video here is the link: Out Loud by Gabbie Hanna

If you want to learn the lyrics, here is her lyric video! Out Loud lyric video

And if you want to check out her Youtube channel here’s that link! Gabbie Hanna

She really is a sweet girl! I love her videos! She is also very funny and is a talented singer! If you don’t believe me, just check her out!

As always have a great day guys and spread happiness! ❤

Stay Humble 


Halloween Party on Friday the 13th

Hey guys! Today’s blog is about mine and my roommate’s Halloween party! Yes it was on Friday the 13th, but personally I don’t believe in any of that stuff. There were games, drinks, food, and most importantly, friends! And there were shenanigans! Let’s get started!


It was a really fun night! We cooked Alfredo for everyone and my roommate made her rotel dip! (Yum!) And we had chips and candy! We listened to some Halloween music, which wasn’t that good, I should’ve picked a better playlist on spotify. And we played Cards Against Humanity!

We all just sat around and played, and some people had alcohol drinks. And then some people left. But a few people who stayed, went with us to play with an Ouiji board. (Yes I know it was stupid but just wait.) Now I don’t really believe in superstitious things but I do believe in ghosts.

I really didn’t want to play the ouiji but I didn’t see the harm as long as we played by the rules of the board. So we decided to go to a haunted place here in town known as Kellers Chapel. Basically it’s a chapel with a grave site all over it. Stories are told that you can see orbs and hear babies cry and many other things.

So we get to the chapel and park. We are about to start when suddenly someone says “Hey there is a no trespassing sign here.” we see it but it’s not near the front and it’s facing the chapel not really to where anyone would see coming in.  So we get in the cars and head to the St. Bernards cemetery.

We park in a part of the hospital that we knew nobody would need to get out of or anything. Some of the people we were with already went on ahead and we were about to go when we saw this truck that had ‘Lawn and Garden’ on it pull in and then just park in front of us. No one got out but we could see a silhouette of  a guy and he was just parked there.

Then we see him get on his phone. At first we didn’t know what he was doing and then we figured he was probably calling the cops or security so we get in the car and head out. Before we pulled out of that parking lot, we saw a cop car go past, it was weird. So then we just decide to play the board in a Walmart parking lot.

We get there and notice a car not there yet, so we wait a few. Oh and we have seen at least three cop cars! One of our friends went inside to use the restroom, but while she was inside, another friend wasn’t feeling so good. We just decide to go home at this point. It was getting late.

We head home and then finally go to bed. Something that night was telling us not to mess with the ouiji board. Anyways that was our whole night. Oh and, as you can see, we were all in costumes!

So I want to know; What are you gonna be for Halloween? Have you gone to any parties yet? Do you have any stories from any Halloween you want to share? Do you believe in Ghosts and the Ouiji? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!

As always guys have a great day and spread happiness!

Stay Humble