My thoughts on Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video…

My thoughts on Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video…

Hey guys! Today I am going to tell you my thoughts and opinions on Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made me Do.” music video. Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen the video and don’t want spoilers then don’t read ahead! Now here go!

First off; I have always been a Taylor Swift fan since my little sister had me listen to “Teardrops on my guitar” a long time ago! And I just want to say WELCOME BACK TAYLOR! I have missed her instagram posts and twitter updates! ❤

Now about the video for her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do”, I really liked it! It had great production value and I liked all the symbolism’s in the video. I also like the theme of the song which, in my opinion, is her saying “I’m back, and better than ever!”

Now if you’ve seen the video, you’ll notice a lot of symbolism towards people, like; Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Tom Hiddelston, and Katy Perry, to name a few. And I think she deserved to do that. Especially with how Kanye West and Kim treated her. Now people who are fans of Kanye and Kim, I am not spreading hate, I just don’t like how they treated her with the whole scandal of his “Famous” video.

Now the lines; “Look what you made me do.”, “Honey, I rose from the dead, I do it all the time.” , and “I don’t trust nobody and nobody trust me.” really make a statement! They really show how much Taylor has grown and how she won’t let her “Reputation” 😉 and media get to her. How she won’t let what people have done to her break her.

Just like her, I believe in Karma, and I believe it comes back with a vengeance. What comes around goes around. I also really liked how she made fun of herself with all her old versions of herself at the end of the video and in the middle where she’s kicking all the “old Taylor’s”.

All in all I love the video and song and I can’t wait for her new album ‘Reputation’! I can’t wait to hear the other songs she’s got planned! November 10th folks! Mark your calendars and go buy it!!! ❤

“Sorry old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.” “Why?” “Oh, ’cause she’s dead!”

If you want to watch the music video just click right here! Look What You Made Me Do

Stay Humble 

Alexis ❤


Work Today…..

Hey guys! 

So I started my new job today and it wasn’t so bad. I only worked 2-6. Hopefully I’ll get more hours, but other than that, I think I’ll like it there. 

My coworkers aren’t so bad. They were very nice and happy to help me if I needed it. Some of the customers were very nice and were patient with me. 

Either way I had a good day. Hopefully it continues. 

Anyways I hope that you guys have a great rest of your week! 

                                         Stay Humble

                                        Alexis Ciepiela       

So Update……

Hey Guys! It’s the first of the month again! Man can’t believe it’s already August…it’s really crazy how time flies.

I know I haven’t blogged in a while and I keep making these types of blogs, but my life has been pretty busy these last couple of months.

So here’s some stuff that’s been going on:

  • I moved in with a roommate into my own apartment!
  • I was fired from my job that I have had for five years 😦
  • I just got a new job actually today! 😀
  • I have been playing Pokemon Go with my friends

Other than that, I have been the same old same old.

Well guys that’s all I have for you today. I’ll be back with book reviews and other updates soon!

Have a nice day and rest of the week!

Stay Humble and Kind

~Alexis Ciepiela

May Is Here! <3

May Is Here! <3

I know guys….I’m three days late. What else is new? But let’s get to the new blog shall we?

Now I know I said I was going to try to be a better blogger and I know that I am sucking at it! I’m sorry! But I promise I am going to be better at it! I have a ton of things that I need to blog about! Such as books that I’ve read and in June I am going to New Orleans! I am sooo excited!

Also I am going to try to write short stories again. I have been in a kind of writers block/ funk and I am ready to get out of it!

Okay well I thought I would just update you guys a little bit. I hope everyone has a good day and I hope that May brings you happiness!

-Stay Humble and Keep Hustling!


‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ by Morgan Matson book review!

‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ by Morgan Matson book review!


Hey guys! I’m back with another book review; so let’s get started!

‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ by Morgan Matson is a discover yourself, adventure type book. So if you’re into that kind of stuff then this book is for you! Now I chose this book because of the cover to be honest and plus I like reading about adventures! I think the cover is awesome and beautiful and the girls look so real, which the girls who posed for the pictures probably are, and I just love it!

Now about the book itself: It’s about these two best friends named Emily and Sloane. They spent practically everyday together for the last two years. Emily is more introverted and not out there and Sloane was the complete opposite. Right before they were supposed to have an epic summer, Sloane just disappears. All she leaves behind for Emily is a to do list of thirteen things that Emily would never ever do!

But Emily hopes that by doing these things on the list she can maybe find Sloane. She also meets people along the way who help her out.

I love this book because I relate to the main character Emily because I am introverted. Also I love the adventures she has while filling out the list. So if you want to check this book out it’s available wherever books are sold. And if you want to check out the author she has an instagram and twitter! Morgamat Insta Twitter

Alright guys that’s all I got for tonight! I hope you enjoyed this review! I hope you guys have a great night/morning/afternoon wherever you’re from! Leave a comment about your favorite book and I’ll check it out! 🙂

Choose Happiness and Kindness!


Goodbye February…

Goodbye February…


Hey Guys! Well it’s the last day of February and almost the end of winter, although where I live we didn’t get much of a winter anyways. So let me catch you up on some things.

Our weather has been crazy here this winter. We have had snow, seventy degree weather, thunderstorms, and just about everything in between! I live in “tornado valley” and I’m surprised we haven’t had one yet. But tornado season is almost here. Tell me in the comments how the weather has been like in your area! 🙂

I know, I know; I haven’t been very good with my blogging. I do have some book reviews for you coming soon though! I also have a book called ‘The Unexpected Everything’ by Morgan Matson coming in the mail tomorrow and I can’t wait to read it! You guys should really check out her book ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, it’s really good!


Since You’ve Been Gone; Great Read! 

Now my personal life I’ve just been busy with work and other things. My sisters twenty second birthday was the twenty fourth and she’s in Florida with some friends right now. I went to my friends birthday dinner at Kandela’s on the eleventh. It’s a Mexican restaurant and very delicious! ❤  I got a playstation four finally! I only have a few games with it but I am in love with it! I got Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, and Elder Scrolls Online.

                                Me and my sister Haley  ❤              My Friend Ashley on her birthday!                                                    

Well that’s it on the exciting things on my life! I hope you guys had a good February and I hope March brings you all awesomeness and happiness! ❤

Choose Happiness and Kindness!


Book Review: Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa


Here is my review of Joey Graceffa’s book that came out Oct. 4th, 2016: 

In my personal opinion I loved it. Basically it’s about a girl named Rowan and how she has lived her life as a “second child” in a post apocalyptic world. Eden was created to help save what was left of the human population and to help Earth get better again because humans were destroying it. So a guy named Al-Paz came up with Eden, a sanctuary where the rest of the human population could live, while Earth could try to “repair” itself.

Now because there were very limited resources they had to come up with a law that there could only be one child per family. If a second child is caught they are either put to death or become slaves. Rowan was born as a twin. Her brother Ash was born first. But her parents didn’t want to give her up so they hid her in their home. They had a wall so she could go outside but not be seen. Ash would come home from school and tell Rowan everything she wanted to know.

That’s all the “spoilers’ you’re going to get from me! 😉

The book is really well written and you do get into the characters. I believe anyone who reads this will enjoy it. Especially if you are into post-apocalyptic books. I really want to se this made into a movie.

If you want to check out this book you can go to Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble, or wherever books are sold! Also if you want to check out the author you can go to his Youtube channel here: Joey Graceffa  ❤

Alright guys that’s it for today! Have a great day and I’ll see you soon! 🙂

Choose Happiness and Kindness!