Riverdale thoughts….

Hey guys! Today I am going to tell you my thoughts on the recent episode of the second season of Riverdale, ‘Death Proof’. And I will be saying my thoughts on the season so far and what my predictions are for it.


If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Riverdale then don’t read ahead! It will be full of spoilers and I know some people don’t like them! So if you read ahead….you’ve been warned.

Okay lets get started! I liked this episode because of things that happened in it. I’m actually glad that ‘Black Hood’ didn’t kill Nick St.Claire because Betty gave the name. I didn’t want Betty having that on her conscience. And I’m glad that the parents confronted the kids on that night with the ‘Jingle Jangle.’

It was a cool scene they shot of Mayor McCoy going to Southside High and raiding it. I’m kind of glad it happened to be honest because I didn’t want Jughead going down that road. And speaking of Jughead, I got some things to say!

How are you going to sleep with someone else after only being broken up with for only two freaking seconds! I hated that scene at the end of the fifth episode. Bughead is for life, do not @ me on that!  And why did he even join the serpents?

I get he wanted to try to keep the peace between the North and Southside but he could’ve found another way. Okay rant over. I’m glad that Cheryl Blossom is going to go ahead and press charges against Nick, because he is a creep that deserves to rot in hell. And is it weird that Hermione Lodge isn’t getting as much air time as she was last season?

I am so glad that B and V are back! I am so excited to see what they cook up for ‘Black Hood’. And I hope Jughead and Betty are back together because of the scene when they were on the couch together!

But what’s going to happen when Betty finds out that he slept with that girl? How exactly is ‘Black Hood’ going to take being chased by Betty? Things have been really good with Archie and Veronica lately. I hope it stays that way!

I think ‘Black Hood’ is Betty’s brother because I read somewhere that we are supposed to meet him this season. Or it could be someone entirely different. I was really shocked when Robert Phillips was caught as the “SugarMan”!

After all the talk of ‘No jingle jangle and no gangs.’ turns out he was the drug dealer of Riverdale. I also hope that Archies dad is okay. I really don’t want him getting worse.

All in all I’m liking this season! I hope we find out the identity of ‘Black Hood’ soon.

Tell me in the comments what you think of this season so far. Do you have any theories? I would love to know what you guys think!

Everyone have a great day and have a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it!) Remember, Spread Happiness! ❤

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Things coming this week!

Hey guys! I’m back! And it’s time to tell you things coming up in the blog this week! But first let me tell you a few things!

I finally have a job! I am an employee at Sam’s Club! I will be making way more then I was at Harps and I get some Holidays off! My sister recently had her doctors appointment with her baby doctor and she is 10 weeks pregnant!

My niece or nephew will be here around or on June 10th! I am so excited to become an aunt! Okay now it’s time to tell you what I will be blogging about this week!

  • Monday-My thoughts on this weeks episode of Riverdale! Yes I know I am behind but that’s because I don’t have cable and I watch it online! Oh and there will be spoilers!
  • Tuesday-Reaction to Gabbie Hanna’s, a.k.a: TheGabbieShow, new song when it comes out that day! I am so excited to hear it!
  • Wednesday-My birthday!!!! I will be blogging the stuff I got and what I did!
  • Thursday-Thanksgiving! I will not be posting on this day. I will say Happy Thanksgiving but that’s about it. It’s all about family!
  • Friday-What happened on Thanksgiving! I will post pictures and give you guys some insight about what went down!
  • Saturday-My usual not posting day. But if something comes up maybe I will because I am skipping Thursday!

Okay guys that’s it! Look forward to what my week has in store! I hope you guys have a great week and a good Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it!). Love you guys and remember spread happiness!

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted! Been in the middle of job hunting so I’ve been kind of distracted! Don’t worry I’m going to try to be more consistent! 

As always; have a great day and spread happiness! 

                                           Stay Humble


Hello November!

Hey guys! It’s the start of a new month! My favorite month! November! Which means Thanksgiving, more fall, and……MY BIRTHDAY! 😀 My birthday is on the 22nd of this month and I will be 26 years old!

I am so excited! I can’t wait to see where this month takes me!

Tell me in the comments: What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Do you have a birthday this month too?

As always; Have a great day and spread happiness! ❤

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Happy Halloween!!!!!

Hey guys! Just wising everyone a Happy Halloween! I hope you guys are going to be spooky and have lots of fun!

Please remember that if you’re going out, stay safe and take a cab, uber, or lyft. Or just get a designated driver that you know won’t drink. Even one drink can get you in trouble!

And kids and parents stay safe and warm out there! (If you live somewhere that is cold right now!) and most importantly guys; just have fun!

Let me know in the comments what you guys are being for Halloween! I want to hear your scary stories as well! Maybe I’ll scare my roommates with them! 😉

Alright guys have fun and be safe! ❤

As always, have a great day and spread happiness!

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#PrayForNewYork 😥

Halloween Party on Friday the 13th

Hey guys! Today’s blog is about mine and my roommate’s Halloween party! Yes it was on Friday the 13th, but personally I don’t believe in any of that stuff. There were games, drinks, food, and most importantly, friends! And there were shenanigans! Let’s get started!


It was a really fun night! We cooked Alfredo for everyone and my roommate made her rotel dip! (Yum!) And we had chips and candy! We listened to some Halloween music, which wasn’t that good, I should’ve picked a better playlist on spotify. And we played Cards Against Humanity!

We all just sat around and played, and some people had alcohol drinks. And then some people left. But a few people who stayed, went with us to play with an Ouiji board. (Yes I know it was stupid but just wait.) Now I don’t really believe in superstitious things but I do believe in ghosts.

I really didn’t want to play the ouiji but I didn’t see the harm as long as we played by the rules of the board. So we decided to go to a haunted place here in town known as Kellers Chapel. Basically it’s a chapel with a grave site all over it. Stories are told that you can see orbs and hear babies cry and many other things.

So we get to the chapel and park. We are about to start when suddenly someone says “Hey there is a no trespassing sign here.” we see it but it’s not near the front and it’s facing the chapel not really to where anyone would see coming in.  So we get in the cars and head to the St. Bernards cemetery.

We park in a part of the hospital that we knew nobody would need to get out of or anything. Some of the people we were with already went on ahead and we were about to go when we saw this truck that had ‘Lawn and Garden’ on it pull in and then just park in front of us. No one got out but we could see a silhouette of  a guy and he was just parked there.

Then we see him get on his phone. At first we didn’t know what he was doing and then we figured he was probably calling the cops or security so we get in the car and head out. Before we pulled out of that parking lot, we saw a cop car go past, it was weird. So then we just decide to play the board in a Walmart parking lot.

We get there and notice a car not there yet, so we wait a few. Oh and we have seen at least three cop cars! One of our friends went inside to use the restroom, but while she was inside, another friend wasn’t feeling so good. We just decide to go home at this point. It was getting late.

We head home and then finally go to bed. Something that night was telling us not to mess with the ouiji board. Anyways that was our whole night. Oh and, as you can see, we were all in costumes!

So I want to know; What are you gonna be for Halloween? Have you gone to any parties yet? Do you have any stories from any Halloween you want to share? Do you believe in Ghosts and the Ouiji? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!

As always guys have a great day and spread happiness!

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The Day I met Ellen Hopkins….

Alright guys! I am so excited to be sharing this story! I can’t believe it happened!

Please excuse my ugly face, but yeah there it is! Ellen Hopkins! I found out that she was coming to our town by chance when I saw our public library promote it on Facebook! I just couldn’t believe that such a big author would come to a town like Jonesboro (We hardly get any celebrities here, mainly country singers.) ! I called my mom right away and told her we had to go!

So that Tuesday night (the 10th of this month) we went to the library, purchased two books for her to sign (I purchased ‘Burned’, they didn’t have ‘Identical’.) and went to sit. She came on stage and told us her story and the story of how she came up with her first book in the series ‘Crank’. Basically it is really about her daughter and what happened to her.

She changed some names but almost everything in the book happened to her daughter. And I think she also said some of the things in ‘Glass’ was true too. Now some of her other books she did research on the stuff she wrote in them. She talked to actual victims of sexual trafficking, drug and sexual abuse.

Now my favorite book, besides Crank, in her series is ‘Identical’. I just love how she wasn’t afraid to go there and the twist ending! My head is still reeling from that!

All in all it was an awesome night and I was so happy when she signed my book! Oh and she liked my tweet on twitter and replied to it! ❤

I want to know; what is your favorite book by her? How did they make you feel? Did you relate to some of the things the stories were about? Let me know in the comment section below!

As always have a great day and Spread Happiness! Love you guys! ❤

Stay Humble