Hello Again…..

Hey guys! I know I have been away and I am sorry about that. I will give you some updates!

  1.  Our New Place! My mom and I have found a place and it is awesome! Now, like with every rental, we found some bad things but it’s been mostly good things. I like that the place is huge and we have three bedrooms so my sister can come and stay with us! Now also we have 4 dogs! But we will only have three when my aunt comes back and gets her dog. Thank god we have a yard for all these dogs! Anyways it’s a good house.
  2. POKEMON GO! Now you all know, well if you play Pokemon Go, about the new app that came out like two weeks ago and I am addicted! My friends and I have been playing it and going to the park and downtown and just a lot of walking around. I think it is so fun and so good for people who want to get outside and just find Pokemon and lose weight. I like that it’s helping people get out there and talk to other people who are playing it. Now already it has been getting a bad rap, just like with any other new thing, but I don’t think it’s bad at all. People are just idiots and I really hope they don’t ruin it for people who are playing it right and safe. Anyways I just want to get a Growlithe, Pikachu, and a Gyradose. Those are my EVERYTHING Pokemon! XD
  3. Books: I have just finished reading Lindsey Stirling’s ‘The Only Pirate at the Party’ and I loved it! Now if you don’t know who she is, Lindsey Stirling is an electric violinist. She writes a lot of her own songs and also does a lot of covers for video game music and other things. Here’s a link to her Youtube channels: Lindsey Stirling Music & Lindsey Time give them both a view and see how you like her! Her Memoir is very good and it tells about her struggles with anorexia and anxiety. She also has alot of fun stuff in it and how she gets ready for tour! If you want to read it go out to wherever books are sold!

I got two new books as well: ‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard and ‘Follow Me’ by Ricky Dillon and I can’t wait to start reading them! 🙂

Anyways other than that I have just been working. I will talk to you guys next time!

Stay Humble and Beautiful ❤



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