Another Update

Heys guys! Sorry for not posting so much! Let me give you some updates!

I have been on vacation from work since the 14th and I don’t go back until the 24th. My mom and I have been looking for a place to live. We just feel it’s right to live together. It’ll help with costs and just a whole bunch of stuff.

It has been hard finding a place in Jonesboro though. We ave looked at at least 13 places and NOTHING! Places are either to expensive or don’t allow pets. Some places haven’t been good looking or in the bad part of the neigborhood.

Now I am not a picky person. I have lived in places you would be surprised to hear about, but I at least want a decent looking house in a neigborhood where I’m not going to hear a gunshot every night. We also don’t want to get rid of our dogs. I’m keeping my aunts dog until she gets back from somewhere and I have my dog and my mom has two dogs.

It’s been stressful and difficult. We have almost everything of my aunts put in storage until she gets back and finds her own place. There are just some boxes left and stuff.

I have been praying to God that we find a place. We’ve been looking in the paper and the internet. But I believe we’ll find something!

Anyways I apolagize for all the complaining. Other than that everything’s been great. So how has y’alls June gone so far?

Until next time!

Stay Humble and Beautiful!



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