Hey guys! As you know I got a Fuji film instax mini camera a couple months ago and let’s say I have been experamenting with it! I’m not perfect, by any means, but I think I will get better! I’m going to show you the pictures but first let me catch you up on something.

Yesterday was my friend Mellissa’s art gallery. She’s going to be graduating from college and her and some other art seniors had to put on an art gallery. It was amazing! Her artwork was fantastic as was a lot of the others!


This was my outfit. I didn’t take any pictures inside because I didn’t know you could honestly. But I don’t think they wouldve minded because there were a couple people were taking pictures. But there were some great art pices there and I am so proud of my friend! 🙂

Okay so for what you reall came for!


Now these aren’t all the pictures I have, these are from today!


This is my dog Bella and the puppies she had! ❤ (there are 4 puppies)


Now this isn’t from my instax camera. This is a house that’s across the street. It is sooo creepy! A man passed away inside. It was so awful and sad. My aunt and I were coming home when we saw the coroner’s van. 


I love this one! It’s of a field that’s also across the street! ❤

Now I didn’t show some pics that I took of throughout the week! Here you go!

The one on the left is of the same field from above, the center is how the sun is captured in leaves! (which I love!) and the last was of a beautiful sunset!

Alright I think that’s it for now! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and these pics! Hope you guys are having a great afternoon/night/morning wherever you are! ❤ Now it’s time for me to go eat some dinner! 😀

Oh and one more thing: Happy Earth Day! Come on guys we only have one planet to call home right now! We really need to start caring for it more! Not just on this day but everyday! ❤ 🙂


Stay Humble and Beautiful!



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