Some Updates

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while! Been busy that’s all. But I thought I would catch you guys up on some things!

So Monday a couple things happened. 1. It was my Grandma’s birthday! 😀 I love my grandma and grandpa too. I didn’t get to go over to her house and celebrate because I had to work 😦 but I got her a mug that said ‘Wake Up and Be Fabulous’ on it and my mom said she loved it! Now the second thing is that my dog Bella had puppies that night! She had 5 but one didn’t make it sadly. She had two brown one’s and two black one’s all girls!

Now I also got my book I ordered in the mail the other night and I am sooo happy I got it!

IMG_0240 (1)

It’s ‘Dream House’ by Marzia Bisognin A.K.A: CutiePieMarzia on Youtube! I love her video’s and she is just so cute! When she announced that she was writing a book I was soo happy! I am already three chapters in and I am liking it so far. It’s more of a mystery/thriller kind of vibe to it. If you want to see her videos go to this link: CutiePieMarzia Youtube Channel ❤

Other than that guys I’ve just been working! The weather sure could stay nice here, but when you live in Arkansas you get all four seasons in a week! Hahaha! Anyways hope you guys have a great afternoon/morning/night wherever you may be! ❤

-Stay Humble and Beautiful!

Alexis ❤



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