My Tattoo and other things..

Unless you know me in person, you don’t know that I have a tattoo! I got it on June 4th 2015 almost a year ago and I am still in love!

IMG_0221 (4)

Yes I still have hair on my arms, fight me. It is just an anchor tattoo but it reminds me of one of the things I love and that is the Ocean! And yes I have a lot of freckles! 

Now the artist who did this tattoo was very rude. He did a great job doing the tattoo but he didn’t make me feel comfortable at all. He acted like he didn’t want to be at work and was making smart-alic remarks. This was my first tattoo so of course I was a bit nervous.He just didn’t help my anxiety at all. Now when he started and the needle pricked me it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.  I really want more! I just haven’t had the money to get another one but I have been planning on getting more. It took my brain a minute to get used to the fact that this was never going to wash off! Haha! But I still love it! But anyways, thought I would write something down today since I haven’t blogged in a while.

I am sooo excited for things that my favorite Youtuber’s are coming out with! Like books and music! AHHHH! I’m gonna go broke with it all! XD

Alright guys have a great afternoon/evening/morning where ever you’re from!

Stay Humble and Beautiful

Alexis ❤


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