March Favorites

Well it’s the end of March and April is starting tomorrow! So let me tell you some things I liked this month!

You may want to grab a drink and snack for this…..

1st. I watched an Anime named “Ouran High School Host Club”


I just wanted to watch a new anime and I went to Netflix and decided why not try this show out! Without giving too much away this Anime is basically about a host club that have rich boys in it that entertain rich girls. There is a twist you will probably see in the second episode I believe. This show was funny and just sometimes weird. It wasn’t my favorite (Sorry if you’re a fan! Don’t kill me!) But it is still worth a watch! I would rate it a 6/10.

2nd. I ordered a Pikachu phone case! And I love it!


It came with a stylus and was only $3.00 on Amazon! I didn’t have to pay shipping! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! It’s silicone so my phone isn’t that protected but it’s cute! ❤

3rd. Cassandra Clare’s book “Lady Midnight”


Now I haven’t gotten that far in the book yet, because I have been busy, but so far it is sooo good! Don’t worry I’m not going to spoil anything but if you love reading books like this you should definitely check it out!

I have also started re watching the anime ‘Inuyasha’. It takes me back to when I was in 4th grade living in Kentucky  and me and my best friend at the time were watching it for the first time! I love this anime and will always love it! But ‘Death Note’ will always come first!

I haven’t really watched any new movies or anything. And because I have been busy working I have also been missing my shows!

The weather has been very nice here and I am glad that spring is finally here! I can’t wait for what April will bring! 🙂

Okay well that was my month so far. I know not very exciting but oh well! Hopefully April brings you all joy and good will!


Stay Humble and Beautiful!

Alexis ❤



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