A Good Day

Hey guys! Today my grandma came to town so she took me and my mom out to lunch! I will be telling you about our day! Let’s go!

First we went to lunch at a Japanese Cuisine place called Hiro. 


  This is mushroom soup! Which I love! 😍Me and my mom!
  Edit This is what I ordered; Hibatchi Chicken with Fried Rice with yum yum sauce (shrimp sauce and it is bae!) 💖 with vegetables! 
Me and my Grandma!

Next we went to Kirklands which is a household department store! My grandma loves it there.


 I love this mug!

Then I went to get my hair cut!


Then we went to Hobby Lobby which I could go broke in!


Last we went to get ice cream at Andy’s Frozen Custard!

  Root Beer Floats have my soul!!!! 😍

Now I’m just at my friends house and chillin! All in all a good day off! Have a great afternoon/night/morning where you are!

Stay Humble and Beautiful.



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