Favorite Things

Good Afternoon/Morning/Evening everyone! Not feeling very good today so I don’t have alot to write about but I will tell you some of my favorite things! Pull up a chair get some snacks and let’s go! 

As you can see these are just a few of my favorite things! (Yes Sound of Music reference!) 

  1. Favorite Movie (at the moment) ❤ Endless Love (2014): I love this movie! I think it was way underrated! Now don’t get me wrong it was cheesy in some parts but you can’t deny the charm of it! And I mean come on Alex Pettyfer! Basically what it’s about (without spoiling too much) is a guy (Alex Pettyfer) has had a crush on this girl all through high school. He has never really gotten the chance to talk to her because everyone thinks she’s an “ice queen” because she hasn’t really talked to anyone in a while. If you love romance and a little bit of drama then I recommend this movie!
  2. Favorite Pokemon-Evee! She is just so cute and I love a lot of her evolutions!  I have a lot of favorite Pokemon but she would be #1!
  3. Favorite book (at the moment)-In Real Life by Joey Graceffa. If you didn’t know, Joey Graceffa is a YouTuber, He makes Vlog’s and does Challenges and also has a gaming channel. He is a very funny, cute, and sweet human being. This is his Memoir and in it basically he tells you about his life and how he became a YouTuber. I related to him through this book so much because *Spoiler* he has an alcoholic mother who he had to take care of when he was younger. I relate because I had a stepdad who was an alcoholic too. I had to take care of him when I was younger and it made some of my life when I was young pretty hard. Anyways the book was a really good read and if you want you can read it too even if you don’t know him!
  4. Favorite Food-Spaghetti! Yes I love this stuff! I am part Italian and I hope to go to Italy one day and try their pasta!
  5. Favorite Animal-Wolf! I love wolves! They are just soooo beautiful and strong and wild! There is a wolf sanctuary 2 hours outside of Los Angeles, CA. I want to save up to go there because you can pet them and they will come up to you and nuzzle you!

If you want to see Joey Graceffa’s Youtube Channel just click on this link!: Joey Graceffa YouTube I promise you won’t be dissapointed! 🙂

Anyways sorry for this post being so long! Haha! These are just a few of my favorites things! See you all tomorrow!

Stay Humble and beautiful!



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