An Old Poem….

This is an old poem I wrote during the second semester of my Freshman year in college. I hope you enjoy it! 

You are a shadow in the dark,

you are a blizzard on a cold winters night,

but you are also a warm fire,

a nice welcome at the end of the day.

You are a starless, moonless night,

you are a snake in the grass,

but you are a bright sunny day,

a breeze that cools my hot face.

When you are angry your eyes are ice cold blue,

When you are happy they are shining stars,

You are a relentless storm in the sea,

a cold stinging rainstorm.

You are a day at the zoo,

but you are a jungle too,

basically you are a roller coaster ride.

But I, I am a light in the dark,

I am the moon light in a field,

I am a wolf, loyal and strong.

I am a white rose with rain drops on the petals.

I am music,

inspiring and honest,

but I am also broken glass,

with crimson blood on its edges.

But don’t worry,

You will always be a shadow in the dark,

and a snake in the grass


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